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We recently started fundraising with COTA to cover Nathanael's medical expenses, so updates about him will be on his new blog from now on: Please check out the blog, pictures, and opportunities to help, and feel free to pass along the link to others. We appreciate your concern!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Today I am thankful...

Lately I have been thinking of what life used to be, in the early days post-transplant, and I've been reflecting on how thankful I am to NOT have to deal with many things that were once commonplace.

Today I am thankful...

...that washed laundry on the way to the dryer does not need to be re-washed if it lands on the floor.
...that tube-feeding overnight (and waking up every 3 hours to put more milk in the bag, then re-programming the pump, all while trying not to wake a sleeping baby) is a thing of the past.
...that we no longer have doctor/hospital visits 2-3 days a week, but sometimes only once a month!
...that it has been 8 months since the last time I stuck a needle into my baby for a subcutaneous injection (which we did once a week for about 8 months after his central lines were removed).
...that it has been 15 months since Nathanael's central lines were removed, and therefore our last cap and dressing change (a complicated, sterile procedure done weekly at home with the help of a home health nurse, where he would often scream for 15-30 minutes) was at least that long ago.
...that we no longer keep any distance between Jamison and Nathanael, as we did while Nathanael was still immuno-compromised.  Today I only need to separate them for fighting!
...that we don't have to bleach all of his toys regularly, and that he can now pick up food off the floor and eat it!
...that I don't need to change clothes after being around other people or in public places.
...that the boys now go WITH me wherever I go, and can hug people, play with other kids, and not worry about using hand sanitizer all the time.
...that the only "medicines" I give on a regular basis are Elderberry syrup, Lithy Tree extract, vitamin D drops, and vitamin C.  (Several of those are only really needed during cold/flu season, and Nathanael LIKES them, so there's no holding him down to get them in!)
...that I'm often found without hand sanitizer or Wet Ones (antibacterial) anywhere near me, even when they would be useful!

Exploring Erwin Park with friends
Precious little boys

I'm sure I'll think of more of these as time goes on...I was just thinking of them, and wanted to share just a few of the ways God has blessed us in recent months.