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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Happy Little Boys

Today I commented to Brad how two years ago I could not have ever imagined our little boys playing so well together, like any other "normal" brothers.  Despite the ups and downs (emotional, physical, spiritual) for me in the past 8 months of being in cancer treatment mode again I have so much for which to be thankful.  I'm including some pictures of our sweet boys playing just like regular kids.

Enjoying Fair Park in Dallas

Buddy the T-Rex from Dinosaur Train

Bug-catching at E's 4th birthday party

Jamison, my entomologist

Nathanael enjoyed the chocolate/pretzel butterflies!

Nature hunt at Fair Park

Listening to the Easter story at the egg hunt after church

Nathanael likes his new "big boy bed"...

...and Jamison is happy to be on the top bunk!

Resurrection egg fun at home

Nathanael holding the eggs

Naptime - he still needs to be contained, but I can't believe he is almost as tall as the pack n play is wide!

The boys getting ready to read together...

...and giggling a lot!

They also share the LeapPad for kids' games

Jamison checking out our minivan after a minor accident 4/13/12

Nathanael swinging like a monkey

Sitting still for just long enough to catch a picture!

Splash pads are running already in April?! It is hot here...

Both the boys really enjoy running around in the water

Wet clothes made him too cold...

Taking in a band concert (and a snack) at the Heard Nature Center

At the concert/festival with friends Sara & Craig

Digging for dinosaur bones at the Heard Museum

Jamison absorbed in his work

Riding the train for J & M's birthday party

Seeing animals from the train

Nathanael trying out mini golf

Jamison on the course

They make me smile  :-)
Reading with Daddy at bedtime
Brotherly love...

Do I have to share my chair?

Big hug!

Both reading aloud?

So glad they like Dr. Seuss books!

Laundry basket fun

How can I avoid the camera in here?

Who needs clothes? Diaper & shoes should do it!

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Sleeping on a mattress when the big bed was "too big"

I love to see his smile!