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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Long day tomorrow

Tomorrow Nathanael and I will spend all day at Children's Medical Center Dallas, where he will see BOTH his immunologist and his transplant doctor. He will also have two infusions, one of IVIG (immune globulin, the one he's been taking almost weekly since September), and one of Pentamidine (an antibiotic that he takes monthly, only in the hospital, that is given over several hours). Not really a big deal, as these are both old will just be a long day for us since we'll leave before 7am and hope to be home by 5 or 6pm.

Please pray for the logistics of tomorrow's appointment, as we also have to do his cap and dressing change (for his central lines - done every week) and that's usually a little stressful for me. Also please pray that we would not encounter any sick people in the hospital tomorrow, and that people would honor my request to be placed in a room immediately to avoid exposure to other kids and their families in waiting areas.

Just a note: I hope my Facebook updates and posts on the blog don't sound liking I'm whining. I am VERY thankful to be home with all of my boys! There are still many challenges we face on a regular basis (toilet training while keeping the house as germ-free as possible is just one...), but at least we can face them together. I do want to share honestly without sounding ungrateful for all that God has done for us - much of it through the prayers and support of all of you! There are days that are downright exhausting and discouraging, but again we have so much to be thankful for. I am still sorting out how to process and handle all these changes in a way that is healthy, authentic (as opposed to putting up a facade), and helps us to open our eyes to see God at work in our lives and in those around us.

One more set of prayer requests: Please pray for J.M., as he is in the hospital right now, dealing with a post-transplant infection. Pray for his recovery, and for his parents to get the rest they need. Also pray for L.B. and her family as she prepares for her transplant. A praise is that she was well enough to attend her daughter's wedding last weekend - thank you Jesus for answered prayer!

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  1. I hope your appts go well. I hope you like dr. delamorena as much as we like her. If the nurses don't listen to you about getting Nathanael back in a room quickly, get Dr. DelaMorena after them. She is a stickler about waiting rooms. I don't think anyone would think that you are complaining, I sure don't!!
    Praying for you and your family daily.
    Melissa Merriman