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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pull those lines!

Just an update, for those of you who know how much I am tired of those central lines in Nathanael's chest...please pray for our family tomorrow:

Nathanael's central-line-removal surgery has been rescheduled for tomorrow. I'm pretty sure that one of his lines split this morning while I was flushing it, and I was pretty scared. (I've done this almost every day since January, most days I can do it without thinking much...but today once it happened my hands were shaking.) After hours on the phone with our nurse-coordinators both here and in Cincinnati (also trying to set up consults with a dermatologist and an endocrinologist) I heard back from a surgeon who was willing to do the surgery tomorrow morning while he's on call. This is a blessing, as it needed to be done soon (it had been scheduled for 10/15), now we can go ahead with his immune globulin treatment on Monday (which we would have needed to postpone), and I didn't have to drag both boys in to the hospital today to have the nurse check the line.

Please pray that I would get up on time to leave by 6:00am, that Nathanael would go back to sleep in his car-seat, and would sleep until he gets into the OR, as he'll have to fast after midnight (and it's easier not to eat when you're asleep!), that we would not encounter germs as we enter the general surgery area, and that all the doctors and nurses would be especially cautious because of his lack of an immune system, AND especially that the surgery (line removal and circumcision) - and his recovery - would go smoothly. Oh, and please pray for Brad, Jamison and I, and praise God with us that after 11 months these lines will no longer be part of our lives! :)

Sorry for all the details...but I wanted to share how to pray/praise specifically. Thanks for praying with us!


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