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Saturday, November 20, 2010

One Year Check-up (in Dallas)

It hit me the other day that November 15 was our closest check-up to the one-year anniversary of Nathanael's cord blood transplant, so I asked Brad to take a picture of the two of us before we left for the hospital the other day. At this point our doctor in Cincinnati doesn't need to see us until after the first of the year, so we won't have a one-year check-up there. It was relatively uneventful, except that we discussed the weaning schedule for Nathanael's oral hydrocortisone. :) Barring any GvH flare-ups or other issues he should be off all steroids by the end of January. Yay!!!

I should also mention that this visit also substituted for a normal 15 month check-up, and I was a little discouraged that his weight is almost exactly 1 kilogram more than he weighed 12 months ago, at the time of his hospital admission. His current weight is about 8.2kg, and at just under 3 months of age he weighed 7.14kg. He has weighed as much as 9.5kg (while on IV fluids and lots of steriods), and we have seen fluctuations based on things like medications and teething patterns. The good news is that he has grown almost 2cm in the past month or so! He's now around 67cm long (around 27 inches). For now, the endocrinologists are not concerned about his growth, though he has "fallen off" the growth charts. We do expect to see quite a bit of growth once he is off steroids in the spring.

Please keep us in prayer during this RSV and flu season, that we would all stay healthy, and that Nathanael's immune system would continue to grow.

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