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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Haircuts for the boys - Nathanael's first!

Just over two weeks ago I finally cut Nathanael's hair for the very first time (it was hanging in his face a little too much) - here are a few pictures of the process!

I should note that despite his age (18 mos) his hair has really only been growing for 15 mos because of his chemotherapy, when almost all the hair he was born with fell out. I also should admit that because of this beautiful curls I just couldn't bring myself to cut the back yet, so yes, he does technically have a baby mullet. ;)

It was not easy for me to cut my baby's hair for the first time, but I did save some of those curly locks and put them in his baby book.

And of course Jamison was very cooperative - especially while watching a Veggie Tales on the computer during his turn!

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