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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Christmas 2011 Pictures (2 of 2)

Children's Hospital Christmas Party
Silly boys - ready to go home after a crazy evening!
Meeting Curious George was a highlight of the evening

Fun day making cookies!

Jamison & Nathanael ready for a Christmas party!

Opening Hanukkah gifts before an evening out with family

Nana and the boys opening a few gifts

Enjoying some time at the park

Happy Birthday Nana!
Where's Nathanael?

Pretending to sleep in Jamison's "special floor bed"

Riding in a reindeer-pulled "sleigh" at the ECI party
OK, so I'm biased, but how cute are these boys?
More fun at the ECI party
Jamison's first pony ride (at a friend's party)

Nathanael wasn't happy about sitting on the pony

Jason & Brad with their new lunchboxes 

Nana with all four boys
Jamison, Jason, Brad & Nathanael 
Can we get one picture of all of us smiling?!
Pillow Pets!
All four boys in their Paris Saint-Germain soccer gear

Seriously, he's 2 and he's using my iPhone
Now he's using an iPad...what next?!

Knicks vs. Heat - thanks Uncle Jason

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