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Monday, July 29, 2013

Impromptu Family Reunion - June 30, 2013

For the first time in three years both of my brothers and I were in the same room with my parents.  In planning our trip to Delaware to see the Banks side of the family we realized that for just a few extra hours of driving we could actually fit in a stop in Columbus, Ohio as well.  We knew that we'd miss a few members of the family, but when Mom and Dad said they'd drive down from Wisconsin, and Guy and Margaret decided to drive down from the Cleveland area we knew we couldn't miss this chance to be together, even if it was only for a few hours.

So here are my parents with their kids and families (still missing Julie, who was teaching at a music camp in Florida, as well as Nick, Grant and Hadley, but we were ALMOST all there!):

This picture is a miracle for a few reasons: 1) all of us have our eyes open (!), 2) almost everyone is smiling, and 3) almost everyone is looking at the camera! Oh, and Jeff set it up on the counter and used a timer.  ;-)

Celebrating Myles' 3rd Birthday (Nathanael, George, Jamison & Myles)

Cousins playing together
Four smiles and one silly face...

Four serious faces...

Jeff , Guy and I - it was so good to see them!

Mom & Dad with 4 of their 7 grandkids

Jeff lights the candles
Guy watches the kids as Myles blows them out
Jeff, Margaret, and Dad watch the silly boys

"Do we look like Uncle Jeff?"

More silliness and laughter

Nathanael & Uncle Jeff

Myles is 3 years old!

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