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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Busy Week (by Bree)

Happy New Year! Mom, Nathanael and I enjoyed a long weekend visit from my dad, and we've spent lots of time on Skype talking to Brad and Jamison. I'm including a few pictures taken with the webcam so you can see how much Jamison has grown up in the past two months. He even likes to play "doctor" with Elmo, and sometimes with Daddy!

Nathanael is doing well...we've been "home" for almost 3 weeks now! Medical care and cleaning keep us busy, and my newest challenge is dealing with some cold sores (mine). Sounds minor, but since they're caused by an underlying virus (probably one I've had since childhood) they could be very dangerous to Nathanael, so for over a week I've been wearing a mask when I hold him. It reminds me not to kiss him, and keeps me from touching my face and then touching him. Not fun, but necessary to keep him safe. Doctors tell us that viruses are very dangerous to him, as they're so difficult to treat.

This week will be busy, as we have appointments at the hospital three days instead of two. Next week we should go back to a schedule of Wednesdays and Fridays at the hospital, with visiting nurses coming to the apartment on Monday and Thursday mornings to draw blood for labs. Days at home are easier for us, and allow Nathanael to sleep whenever he needs to, rather than have his sleep interrupted, and that makes those days much nicer for everyone!

Thanks for your continued prayers! Also, thanks for the letters, emails and cards - we love to hear from you, and I'm trying to improve my communication with others...not making any official new year's resolutions though... ;)

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