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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Visiting Friends (in the Hospital)

Well, Nathanael must have decided that he missed his friends in the BMT Unit at the hospital, because this week we spent a few days there. It started with him being a little more fussy than usual, then an unplanned visit to "day hospital", the outpatient unit for kids being treated on the Hematology/Oncology floor, and then a visit to the Emergency Department (ED, not ER anymore...) on Sunday, which culminated in our admission back to 5A North, the BMT (Blood/Marrow Transplant) Unit.

In addition to the symptoms we noticed, the doc who saw us Sunday appreciated that Nathanael's fontanelle, or soft spot, was bulging, so he ordered a head CT to rule out a brain bleed, and a spinal tap (now known as a lumbar puncture, or "LP" for short) to rule out meningitis. UGH! The CT went fine, as the little guy slept through it, but I was really scared of the LP. (As a side note, those of you who know me well know that I have a bit of a fear of nerve damage (previous experience with it has been frustrating), and had hoped to avoid epidural or spinal anesthesia for myself with both of my deliveries, and of course was unable to do so. My experience the first time was not positive, while the second time was not so bad.) HOWEVER, that's all to say that I was NOT in favor of someone sticking a needle into the spine of my baby, for fear of the damage that can occur with such procedures. I prayed silently for strength, and for the doctor to be skillful, and asked questions about the necessity of the test. After being convinced by the doctor and my husband that the test was necessary, I relaxed a bit. Nathanael handled it like a champ - he cried less than he did for the placement of his NJ (feeding) tube! The doctor took a few minutes to find a suitable place, then had an attending come in to get his assessment, and once the nurse and I held Nathanael still for the actual procedure, it was done in a matter of minutes. I was SO THANKFUL!

So the head CT and LP both came back negative, which is to say that he did not have a brain bleed or meningitis. They still decided to admit him, however, to treat him with IV antibiotics and to watch his symptoms more closely. We had noticed over the weekend that despite what we had been told about how his condition (including his behavior/personality) should have improved, he continued to be very fussy, to experience what felt to us like abdominal spasms or dry heaves, and that he was not at all interested in eating. When we called the BMT doctor on call Sunday morning he told us to come in so Nathanael could be seen, and at that time we put our overnight bag in the car (and I took a quick shower!) just in case.

So we ended up staying inpatient from Sunday night through Wednesday around 2:00pm. It wasn't too bad, as I had my mom around to bring food, to come up and watch Nathanael with me during the day, and it was less stressful than our previous experience, in most ways. It was however, tough to get sleep, difficult to have Nathanael's sleep interrupted by hospital routines, and all of a sudden I was not in control of his medications, which was simultaneously liberating and challenging. I could write more about all of this...but for the sake of time I'll cut to the chase: it's good to be back "home" in our apartment. It's lots of work to take care of a baby who needs so many medications, but I would MUCH rather keep him at home than stay in the hospital, and I am SO THANKFUL that the Lord has allowed us to get back home so quickly. Thank you for your prayers!

Oh, and as for the title of the post, it was great to see some of the friends we had made during our earlier extended stay, but we left them with a picture of him, and in the hopes that we'll just visit them sometime when we're in for the day, rather than during another inpatient stay. ;)
Jusi in case you're wonderimg, this picture was taken a home, with Nathanael's new NG tube in place...but that's another story...


  1. Oh my girl. That was so scary. I can't believe how strong you are. God is all over you giving you strength. I just get all excited and fall in love with Him more when I see Him at work in your lives. I love those cubby cheeks of your sweet baby boy. I'm sure you eat them up all the time.

  2. Sorry for the bump in the road. Praying for health and you to get back to Texas soon!
    He looks good, love the cheeks.
    Love, Melissa Merriman