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Friday, February 19, 2010

Together! (And then apart again...)

Sorry it's been so long since our last post. As you can guess, we've been quite busy! (I started this post on February 19, and it's now March 13...)

Brad and Jamison have been working on the concepts of "apart" and "together", so it has been fun to talk about how we are all together again. He has repeatedly asked me, "Are you happy, Mommy?" to which I reply, "I am SO HAPPY that we're all together!" That makes him smile, and I just LOVE to see him smile.

Here's a picture of "Dr. Jamison" getting ready to examine a patient. :) He used his plastic animals to look in my eyes and ears after listening to my heart and lungs...what fun!

Here's Nathanael napping in one of his favorite places...and Brad wonders why it's so hard to get things done... The next picture shows Nathanael after eating some pureed peas...yummy!

Well, we were together for about two weeks before Brad headed back to Texas for a week. It was fun for all of us to be reunited, and yet a challenge to meet all the needs of both boys at the same time, as there are so many needs right now. Of course Nathanael still needs lots of medical care, and has been a little more clingy lately (sometimes he'll cry if anyone else but me holds him), and Jamison needs a lot of attention. It's not easy to balance it all.

The one of Jamison in his car seat was his "nap" after a long day at the hospital. Since Brad left for Texas on March 4, I took BOTH boys with me to the hospital on March 5, and we spent most of the day there. I was so glad that a friend could drive us there, and the hospital van and driver were available to bring us home in the afternoon. After an early morning, a picnic in the hospital room, a few videos and some books, Jamison was worn out. Both boys fell asleep in their carseats on the way home, and the driver offered to carry Jamison (still strapped in, as you can see) into the apartment. :) I got a few minutes to rest while both boys slept, and that was great!

The last picture shows Nathanael, happy with himself after he grabbed a pile of napkins off the countertop. All I did was go into the kitchen to wash my hands, and I turned around to find this! (In the background you can see the medicine tray on the kitchen counter.) Love that mischevious smile!

I tried to include a video of Jamison singing...not sure if it will work. Ugh! Anyway, if you can see/hear it, you'll hear him singing about everything in the room. Brad says it reminds him of that scene in "Anchorman" where Steve Carrell's character starts to say things like, "I love lamp. I love toaster." It's pretty cute and creative. Enjoy!

We're hoping/planning to come HOME HOME around March 25. Please pray for no illness or hospitalizations between now and then so we can come home! Jamison prayed last night that Mommy wouldn't have to go back to the hospital. It breaks my heart, but I'm praying that he'll learn and grow a lot through this experience.


  1. Oh, my! That video is the cutest ever! What a little ham! Adorable! Praying for you and Nathanael to be able to come home SOON!!!!
    Miss you!

  2. I loved the video, and so did Clark. He tried talking Jamison the whole time. I am so happy you have both of your boys, but I know it must be tough adjusting to all the medical demands. I'm praying you'll be HOME soon!!

  3. I just had an idea..if you ever want to try to talk via web cam, I'm game!

  4. Hey Bree! Love reading your blog updates! So great to see you all reunited again. Hearing the many ways in which God has blessed the Banks family has been an encouragement! I will continue to keep you all of you in my prayers.