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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Home for 2 going back for a short visit

It's been good to be home - I have even seen a few friends - but now Nathanael and I are headed back to Cincinnati for a week of testing and check-ups. With his recent diagnosis of platelet and red blood cell auto-antibodies he needs to be seen by the doctors who have seen him every week for the past six months to make sure that nothing is missed. While his numbers (platelets, red blood cells, hemoglobin) seem to be normalizing (i.e. his retoxin treatments are helping) I still have some concerns about his stool and color (he skin has looked more yellowish than usual, and his bilirubin has been high). Since things can go awry so quickly with little ones, I'm a little anxious to have his doctors in Cincinnati run their own tests and do their own assessment of him.

Overall though we're adjusting pretty well to life at home. I still need to work on fitting a few more things into everyday life. We need to get Nathanael eating a variety of solid foods, not just squash and sweet potatoes, I need to get Jamison outside to play every day, but that means either leaving Nathanael in his bed and using a monitor outside, or setting up a way to keep him completely shaded from the sun (he likes to pull blankets off of his stroller!). Don't get me wrong, I'm NOT complaining! I'm so thankful to all be together, and I enjoy spending the days with both of my little boys.

Please keep praying for strength for Brad and I. The road ahead is still long. Nathanael has less than 10% of an immune system right now, and we could be living with LOTS of restrictions for all of us for another year or more. Again, I'm not complaining, as we are voluntarily submitting ourselves to the recommendations of our doctors...we just need to keep trusting God as we follow the best advice that they have to offer while finding solutions that work for our family.

Thank you for your prayers and support!

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