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Saturday, January 22, 2011


This year we started our holiday celebrations with lighting the menorah (though next year we'll aim for nightly readings as well - we only really talked about the holiday a few times). However, Jamison still really enjoyed the candles each night, and especially loved blowing them out! We were also able to spread out our celebration of Christmas over about a month, and we had family in to visit on both ends of that month. In early December my parents drove down and stayed for about a week, helping us with things around the house, playing with the boys, and enjoying the mild weather (compared to the cold in WI).

On Christmas day we saw Brad's parents via Skype, and had the boys open presents so their grandparents could see them. We're so thankful to be able to keep in touch that way! Then Mark and April came over to share a meal and spend the afternoon with us. It was so nice to spend a low-key day with friends - it almost seemed like things were "normal"! They read this really great version of the Christmas story ("What God Wants for Christmas") to Jamison - while Nathanael took a long nap - and he opened little boxes with the various characters along the way (including a mirror in the last box to show us all what Jesus wants for Christmas).

In January Brad's (paternal) grandmother came out for a visit, which was so nice for us...since it has been about two years since our last visit with her. It was great to see her, and especially to see how she loved playing with the boys. Of course Jamison loved having her here, and kept her entertained with stories and questions about bugs, dinosaurs, and all his favorite topics!

After she left we decided it was time to put away Christmas decorations. Jamison and I are a little sad that the stockings are no longer up, and that the tree decorations are put away, but we have them all ready for next year (even labeled by which ones are most and least fragile - i.e. the ones Jamison can unpack by himself!).

Of course we are most grateful that we've been able to spend this holiday season together, and we look forward to many more holidays together, and with family and friends!

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