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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thankful for so much in 2010

Looking back 2010 was an incredibly challenging year, but we also have so much for which to be thankful. Here's a short list (well, you know list is short!)in no particular order:

*Two precious, adorable boys - hope you enjoy this video of them!

*Our parents, who lived with us - in 2 states - to help care for us and our boys

*Friends in Cincinnati who provided meals, lent furniture and household items for our apartment, welcomed us into their homes in May and August

*Friends at home who cared for Brad and Jamison during my 7 months away in 2009-10

*Friends and family in both places who worked on our homes, handled repairs, installed things like flooring and fans, and helped finance such projects

*A dear friend who spent a week with Nathanael and I in Cincinnati, cooking for us and taking care of me

*Staff at Cincinnati Children's Hospital

*Staff at Children's Medical Center Dallas

*Manager of IKEA in Cincinnati who donated a gift card to help us set up a second household

*Manager of Kroger and Biggs (grocery stores) who donated gift cards to help fill our refrigerator and freezer prior to our arrival

*Friends who gave us grocery cards and meal cards for the hospital

*Friends and relatives who sent mail, pictures, and email during our lonely days

*Everyone who prayed for us - and for those who continue to pray

*Good health - I have not been sick in almost 2 years (!) and have been able to devote myself to caring for Nathanael, and now to Jamison as well

*Of course, God provided us with all of this help and support, and He also sustained us through months of living apart, many months of isolation, and has given us LOTS of opportunities to grow and trust Him.

I'm sure we have much more to be thankful for, but at the moment I need to go fix dinner! Please count your blessings, and praise God with us for His goodness, and may all things be for His glory!

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  1. Love the video! Can't wait to see you in Feb. So glad all is well. We have definitely been counting our blessings, too!