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Monday, August 8, 2011

Family Vacation!

Being such spontaneous people (ha ha ha) Brad and I recently decided to putthe boys in the car and take a trip to visit his grandmother in Spokane, WA this summer! (This was a little spontaneous for us, as we only made the final decision to leave about 3 weeks before our actual departure. Apart from missing our church's VBS this week, the timing could not have been better...we're missing 108 degree weather back home right now!) After over 30 hours (5 days), 4 museums, and 7 states, we finally arrived, and have been enjoying time with family for several days now. Here are a few pictures from our adventure so far! (They are out of order...if anyone can teach me an easier way to move pictures around in Blogger I'd LOVE to hear about it!)
  • Nathanael wanted to help with the packing. :)
  • Brad was so excited to escape the heat in Texas that he could hardly contain himself.
  • The boys had fun in our hotel rooms each night - I think Jamison is "hiding" in this picture!
  • We visited the Denver Museum of Science & Nature and a kind staff member offered to take our picture on the balcony. It was a great place to visit!
  • We drove through the Bighorn National Forest on our way from Thermopolis, WY to Billings, MT, and saw some gorgeous scenery.
  • We snapped this shot of the boys overlooking Hell's Half Acre in Wyoming just before hearing an eerie rattling sound that prompted us to scoop up the boys and head back to the car...stat! Other people told us they had seen a snake, but we sure didn't want to see the one we heard!
  • The boys and I are checking out a triceratops at M.O.R.

  • Brad and the boys posed with "Big Mike," a replica of a T Rex outside Museum of the Rockies in Bozeman, MT, another great place to visit!
  • Posing in front of Shell Falls in the Bighorn National Forest - another stop at a scenic
area that was well
worth our time!
  • Playing at a rest stop in Montana just to stretch our legs for a few minutes. The boys loved this!
  • Beautiful mountains somewhere in Montana. :)
  • Four generations of the Banks family - see the resemblance?
  • Visit to a fire station in Spokane where cousin David works - the boys had a ball!
  • Valerie and I enjoying a fun evening together with the rest of the extended family: Uncle Doug and Aunt Chris had some other relatives over, grilled dinner for us, and we all sang "Happy Birthday" to Nathanael to celebrate his special day. (August 19th he'll be TWO years old!)

  • Grandmom Jane and four of her six boys (Nathanael was in bed, and Jason is in Atlanta for the PGA tour).

We're off to Seattle tomorrow to visit friends, and will return to Spokane before starting our long drive home. More highlights of the trip to come! :)

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