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Friday, August 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Nathanael!

Our sweet and crazy little boy has been such a blessing to us - and to everyone he meets! - these past two years. He is consistently happy and smiley (unless he doesn't get his way, of course), loves to imitate his big brother, and makes us laugh with his silly antics. He is also much more thrill-seeking than the rest of us, which has caused me to add gray hairs more quickly this year than in years past. He loves to climb and fall down, throw himself backwards, and when he's really excited he runs around with his tongue hanging out!

While we are thrilled that he's doing so well, it's a little ironic that each year on August 19 Nathanael has been sick in some way. We hope this isn't a trend that continues!

2009 - A minor bleed on his brain was discovered shortly after his birth, and he was transferred to a children's hospital an hour away to be given washed, irradiated platelets. The bleeding resolved within a few days.

2010 - We were finally all home in Texas again, when he was hospitalized for a urinary tract infection for several days. We were sad, because Pop Pop David & Valerie were in town to visit, and they ended up meeting him through a hospital door while he was hooked up to IVs. The staff at the hospital did bring him gifts and decorated our room with a big sign though!

2011 - After fighting off an upper respiratory infection in July, he developed a cold a few days ago, and has been coughing a little. However, he has otherwise been completely himself, throwing food, splashing in our hotel pool, and trying to climb out of his car seat. I'm pretty sure I even found proof tonight - don't ask me how! - that he's been eating a green crayon. (I'm sure I'll find the rest of the offending piece of wax when I clean the car out this weekend!)

On the bright side, each year around his birthday Nathanael has been able to see one or more of his grandparents!

2009 - Joyce was here when he was born, helping us with Jamison while I was in the hospital with Nathanael, and then stayed for a few more days once we were home.

2010 - We saw my parents for Jeff & Julie's wedding in Columbus, OH the week before his birthday. (It was hard for me to keep the boys away from almost everyone else in our extended family, but with his low immune system and the risk of illness, we decided it would be best.) Then David & Valerie came to visit on his birthday, and while they could only see Nathanael briefly at the hospital, Jamison had a blast with them!

2011 - We visited Great Grandmom Jane in Spokane, and were able to celebrate (early) with her, as well as with David & Valerie, who came up for a visit, and with Uncle Doug & Aunt Chris, as well as cousins Carrie and David and a few others from Aunt Chris's family. We loved seeing Nathanael (and Jamison!) interact with everyone. We spent his birthday driving from Colorado Springs, CO to Amarillo, TX on our way home, but we did get to swim in the hotel pool that night, which he LOVED!

I should mention that we're really grateful that he has not been hospitalized at all since last December, so the fact that he has been able to stay home and fight off several minor illnesses is AMAZING progress from where we were even a year ago. It is still our prayer that God would use our family, and this whole situation, for His glory...we are just thankful that for now His plan includes having two healthy little boys at home.

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  1. Wow. Two already? How time flies! Happy birthday, Nathanael!