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We recently started fundraising with COTA to cover Nathanael's medical expenses, so updates about him will be on his new blog from now on: Please check out the blog, pictures, and opportunities to help, and feel free to pass along the link to others. We appreciate your concern!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Fall Fun

We like our trike!

Halloween fun with friends
My little dinosaur and shark

"Let's get that seat belt buckled."

"I love this!"

Playing at the park near our house

Riding the trike on the splash pad

"Now, how do I make a call?

"Hello?  Can you hear me?"

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"Look, Mom, greenish, mixed-up play-dough!"

More fun on the trike - check out Nathanael's smile!

"Wow...this is harder than I thought it would be!"

Caught red handed...but what are they eating?

Pushing the shopping cart together

No, he's not supposed to be opening the utensil drawer...

...or putting a shampoo bottle in his mouth...

Raking leaves in the front yard

Mama's little helper

He had so much fun!

Someone likes to wash his own hands...

...playing with the soap...

...and grinning the whole time!

Running around at DTS

Playing on campus during a visit to Dallas Seminary

Playing with the outdoor umbrella together

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