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Sunday, December 25, 2011

On the road AGAIN?!

With Uncle Jeff at Batelle in Columbus

At the end of October, all four of us once again piled into the car for a long road trip to Ohio to see Nathanael's doctor for his TWO YEAR post-transplant check-up.  (Can you believe that November 23 was the two-year anniversary?)  We took advantage of the fact that we would already be pretty far north to make visits to my family, including a trip to Wisconsin, where my parents and several of my cousins live.

In no particular order, here are some photo-highlights of our trip.  I LOVED seeing my boys meet and play with their cousins and other relatives.  It was such a great reminder of how blessed we are with a loving family, and boys healthy enough to be out and around everyone.

I should mention that we had a GREAT check-up with Nathanael's doctor, and even got to see a few of the nurses who worked with him during our inpatient stay.  We LOVE our medical team!  All news was good, and apart from orders to follow-up with our endocrinologists in Dallas, we were dismissed until sometime next year!  

Waiting with Daddy at Cincinnati Children's

Watching the fish with H
Hanging out with "Miss Ruth"

Nathanael making himself at home in our hotel room

Jamison helping set up the Pack N Play

Playing with Pop Pop George...

...and Nanny Bonnie

Both boys loved riding the lawn mower!

We had family come over to celebrate my dad's birthday

Nathanael (2 yrs) and L (3 yrs)

Jamison loved playing outside with S (7 yrs)

D (18 mos) and Nathanael 

Nathanael loved running around my parents' yard

My little Packer fans at Aunt Tera & Uncle Kevin's house

Discovering a Sit 'n Spin for the first time...he loved it!

M (8 yrs) helped him spin

Nathanael with S (7 yrs) on her birthday

Nathanael with Aunt Katie...

...having fun and being silly...

...and laughing a LOT...

...such fun!

Aunt Katie, Nathanael, and Nanny Bonnie

M, & S with our boys on S's birthday

Our little guys insisted on sitting on bar stools in my parents' kitchen

Snuggle time with Pop Pop George - two Packer fans! 

Our boys with my parents, just before we left for Ohio

Clowning around with Nanny Bonnie and a hat and wig

Jamison stretching his legs at a rest stop

Nathanael loved drawing on his new doodle pad

All the first cousins together!

George, Jamison & Nathanael played together all morning

Saying "good-bye" to Uncle Guy

Playing with T & T in Cincinnati

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