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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Trail West Young Life Family Camp, Buena Vista, CO - Part 2

Here are more pictures from our wonderful week at Young Life Family Camp:

Going back down the mountain...

...and enjoying the view

On the bus ride back to camp...

...and still smiling!

Three smiles...

...four smiles...but not all eyes forward...
...and the best picture of Brad & the boys with "Luke LaRoo, Chipmunk Wrangler"

Happy 15th Anniversary to us!
Jamison on a pony ride
He did great coming down the small hill!
I think he would have liked to go around again...but other kids were waiting
Nathanael on a pony ride

Doesn't he look grown up?!

"Okay...straighten up and hold on"

"I made it down the hill!"
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"Okay, at least I got my hat back"
Rancho Caballo, where we rode horses

While there are no pictures of us square-dancing as a family, we all had a great time. Jamison got to dance with us, and Nathanael remained firmly attached to my arms while I tried to "swing-yer-partner round and round."  At least doing the "do-si-do" only requires use of the legs, not the arms!  I laughed so hard at Brad's antics during the Virginia Reel that I thought I'd either fall over or drop Nathanael.  (Fortunately, neither of those things happened, and with help from some friends we managed to make it through the dance!)

A real, live Pronghorn!

We know she's female, since her horns are short.

Giraffe feeding-time at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

It was so hot, but the boys had fun anyway
"You want me to stand next to what?!"

"Okay, so it's a FAKE mommy lion...much better!"

We could see smoke from the zoo...
Young Life headquarters
It's easy to find a place to fit in when you're little..
After we left camp we took 2 more days to get home, making a stop at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.  We had planned to avoid the Texas heat, but found ourselves in 100+ degree weather anyway.  We also witnessed the initial phases of the Waldo Canyon fire outside Colorado Springs.  The fire looked to be extinguished when we left the next morning, but we later learned it had flared up again, and had quickly done some serious damage.  (Please continue to pray for rain, fire containment, and the safety of those affected.)
Playing with "bugs" on the floor at the hotel

...sometimes the places are fun, too!

Brad requested this stop, but we all opted out of the 72oz steak challenge. The boys enjoyed the atmosphere and animals on the walls.

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