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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Holding Pattern

From Bree (still in the hospital):

So here we are, in a holding pattern. Nathanael is doing great, by all accounts, but still needs to be treated with a triple tail of antibiotics for the two bacteria that were discovered in his culture from a week ago. It looks like he'll be on those for another week or so. The good news is that the doctors will PROBABLY let us go back to the apartment early next week, since they trust me to administer two IV antibiotics, IV fluids, one oral antibiotic, and the rest of his oral meds (given through his NG tube).

What we don't know right now is how long we'll need to stay in Cincinnati following this latest episode. We had hoped to be back in Texas already, so staying longer is a bit of a disappointment. HOWEVER we are thankful that Nathanael is doing well, we still have a place to live, Brad and Jamison are doing fine (and are visiting me each evening out in front of the hospital...I hop into the van for a brief visit/storytime and hugs). In the ideal world I think we'd all be home in time for Easter, but since it takes about two weeks to arrange a flight our guess is that the earliest we can all be home is the weekend after Easter. So Brad will most likely fly back for Easter Sunday, then come back here to take care of us, help us pack, and drive the van back.

What's funny is that even once we get back our journey is far from "over". We'll still probably need to make weekly or bi-weekly visits to the doctor for IVIG and check-ups, and we'll still maintain a somewhat limited social schedule, keeping Nathanael away from most public places for many more months. However, I am looking forward to a LITTLE bit of "normalcy" once we're back home.

Please keep us in's really tough to keep a positive attitude and to not get discouraged. We love hearing from you, and look forward to seeing many of you soon!

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