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Friday, March 19, 2010

Pray for could be a long week!

Please pray for all of us this week. Here's the latest:

The boys and I hope to depart Cincinnati on Thursday via Angel Flight/Grace Flight. (Our plan is for Brad to clean up the apartment, get some sleep, and depart on Friday in the minivan.)
  1. That means we need to return LOTS of items to people on Thursday, and may need some help late next week with cleaning, etc. in the apartment.
  2. That also means that we will need a ride home sometime on Thursday (from the McKinney airport - preferably in a car that doesn't transport pets or kids, just to minimize risk),
  3. I will probably need help (a grocery run, as I won't be able to leave the boys to get to the store, and possibly some freezer space to borrow - about a cubic foot or so...).
  4. I may need help on Friday while taking care of two little boys by myself in a home I haven't seen in six months. It'll feel like a new place!
  5. Once Brad arrives I will probably need help unpacking.
Oh, but if Nathanael gets sick we may NOT get to go home next week. He and I spent the day in the hospital today after the home health nurse who came today for his lab draws thought he was breathing too fast and his heart rate was a bit elevated (tachycardia is the technical name - which comes from the Greek word tachos, which means "fast" and cardia which means "heart" - Brad thought you might want to know...). So we went in, had lots of tests done, got a dose of rocephin (broad-spectrum antibiotic) just in case there's something "brewing" and we were dismissed around 7:45pm. That was after a home health visit that lasted from 11:00am to 1:00pm and included LOTS of crying during a dressing change procedure that seemed to go too slowly...I'm still learning.

Pray for Jamison. He woke up not feeling well today, and we're praying that he is well, but are trying carefully to maintain as much distance as possible between the boys. That's a bit of a challenge, but it could be harder for Brad and I not to pick up something if Jamison has it. Pray that we would all get the rest we need to stay healthy.

Pray for Brad and I, that we would be carefully watchful this weekend. We need to watch Nathanael very closely, so that if anything changes we'll call the doctor on call, and then a decision will be made about whether or not we need to go to the Emergency Department for evaluation. Pray that we don't have to go there!

Most of all, pray for us to TRUST God in the midst of this time of change and waiting. We want to have attitudes that are pleasing to Him, but that's sure not easy in times of stress and sleep-deprivation. We also want this to be used for His glory...though we often have no idea how that's possible. We need to trust and have faith, and we pray that others would join us in that as well.

So after a long day I am thankful for a husband who went to UDF to get me some chocolate/marshmallow ice cream. :)

Hope you enjoy the pictures! Jamison LOVES his new "I Dress Me" chair - a generous gift from a wonderful friend. The last one shows him "helping" Pop Pop George fix the bathtub last weekend. :)

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