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Friday, May 7, 2010

Planning to go home again (by Bree)

Good news! Nathanael's hemolysis seems to be slowing down (which means that his body is "chewing up" his red blood cells more slowly than before) so the doctors have given the green light to making plans to go home late next week! It has now been almost a week since his last transfusion of packed red blood cells, which is very good. Of course, we will have another blood test on Saturday, as the nurses and I are not comfortable waiting from Thursday to Monday without knowing how his numbers look. I still expect to have another transfusion before we leave town, but his hemoglobin was still over 11 yesterday, which is great. So while we are enjoying the company of friends here, we very much miss Daddy and Jamison, and are anxious to get back home. On a bright note we will get to see my parents this weekend for Mother's Day.

It's funny, because even though I miss my friends at home, my parents have been able to spend more time with Nathanael than any of their grandkids, and have been able to enjoy more of these early months of his life with me. We have also made lots of new friends at the hospital whose days have been brightened by my little boy's sweet smile and cheerful disposition. In thinking of this the other day I was reminded how helpful it is to count my blessings.

So please keep praying for Nathanael, Jamison, Brad and I, for others preparing for or recovering from their transplants, and for God to use these situations for His glory. You and your prayers are such a blessing to us!

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  1. Yea! I will be praying for Nathaneal's little body to continue to hold on to those rbc and platelets. I have started writing down my blessings when I get overwhelmed or feeling sorry for myself.
    Melissa Merriman