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We recently started fundraising with COTA to cover Nathanael's medical expenses, so updates about him will be on his new blog from now on: Please check out the blog, pictures, and opportunities to help, and feel free to pass along the link to others. We appreciate your concern!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Update from Brad

I just received an encouraging call from Bree. Nathanael’s last transfusion was on Saturday and his blood counts have continued to hold in the normal range. His blood still tests positive for the antibodies that were chewing up his platelets and hemoglobin like candy last week but the rate at which it’s doing so has dropped dramatically. So, they’ve called Angel Flight to schedule a flight back to McKinney for late next week. Please pray nothing goes wrong between now and then. This thing is so unpredictable. Any change in his condition for the worse would cause them to cancel the flight. Please pray for someone to be available/willing to sit with Jamison on Sunday morning. Two weeks ago he got sick, probably on Sunday (symptoms started Tuesday night/Wednesday morning) and we can't risk him sharing his germs with others, or catching something new just before Bree and Nathanael are home again.

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