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Friday, May 28, 2010

Settling in at home (by Bree)

It's SO GOOD to be home! I wanted to share a few pictures with you of life all together. The first one shows the boys at the table after a meal. Nathanael has become a lot more interested in sitting in his booster seat and feeding himself. In the past two weeks he has eaten green beans, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, rice, yogurt, banana and pretzels. He still doesn't really enjoy it when I try to spoon-feed him, but he LOVES to use a spoon - or his fingers! - by himself.

One day after lunch Jamison wanted to play with his cows and sheep - as well as his jungle animals! - on the cute!

Some of these pictures are from my two-week stint at home in April, so I'll post more recent ones in a few days. Joyce and I have been keeping busy unpacking, organizing and cleaning. It's great to have her help!

So these are the smiles that light up my day... and here's one of the sad faces that makes me sad...

When you pray for us, please pray that we would spend our days together in creative, fun activity and work. Being home so much of the time - and with so many restrictions - is not easy, but it keeps Nathanael as safe as possible. Please also pray for our weekly schedule, including our hospital day (hopefully only one day a week!) and home health visit, as well as medication delivery. Many details need to be coordinated, and I sometimes get tired of dealing with them. Also, please pray that we'll find ways to be a blessing to those around us, even those we can't see in person. Thanks for continuing to stand with us!

P.S. Regarding Nathanael's autoimmune hemolytic anemia, his labs show that he is still stable, and does not need a blood transfusion, which is great news!

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  1. Love the pics. Thanks for taking the time to post pics, which is hard to find I'm sure. It is a challenge to find entertainment when you are limited to places to go. I will be praying for creativity. Maybe when we get home to Tx we can have play dates, as we will be on the same restricitions. Love, Melissa Merriman